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Custom WordPress Theme

Looking for a custom designed wordpress theme you can do anything you want with? Let’s begin with

What you get

  • A unique WordPress theme
  • that meets all web standards
  • and works in all major browsers

What can you do with the theme?

Copyrighting a WordPress theme is one way to do it, but it would mean that whenever you needed to change the custom designed WordPress theme you would have to ask me for permission (in other words: “copyright”), you could not redistribute the theme and a lot of other no-no things. So instead you’ll get a fully GPL compatible theme (in other words: “copyleft”). What this means for you: once the theme is in your hands you can do virtually anything you want with it and – if you decide to give it away for free to gain a little publicity you can do so too – without asking me for permission.

Contact me for a custom quote.

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