Linux Substitutes for Windows Software

Having moved to Linux quite some time ago I realized that finding substitutes for most software would not be easy. Some software just does not exist outside the Windows platform. I was quite suprised to find that most of the substitutes turned out better than expected, some even better than the original. Geany in my […]

My unportable laptop

I quit having a desktop computer more than five years ago. It was a really bulky midi tower occupying most of the space below my rather short desk. One day when I was returning home I saw a nice looking piece of equipment in the shop window of my local computer store and went in […]

My themes are white

Somebody once pointed out that my themes where “so white”, and taking a step back to look at what I coded both here and commercially I really had to agree. I like white. Not that there is anything wrong with beautiful and shiny themes, but I really feel drawn to the idea of black on […]

Why there are no new WordPress themes here

Some time ago my themes were kicked out of the WordPress repository because ClockWorkBlogger was hosting banners for Elegant Themes (and it still is). Obviously the creators of WordPress had a problem with … I really don’t know what it is they have/had a problem with, but there are always people willing to step in […]

WordPress themes with lots of files

Usually when I download themes off of (yes, I do that sometimes) it makes me wonder why people stuff dozens of files in their template. Not all of them, there are some themes that the more you look at how the author coded them the more beautiful the lines of code become. The normal […]

Why I prefer minimal WordPress Themes

I have always thought minimal WordPress themes to be better not because they look more beautiful to me (which they do), but because they have to potential to be the foundation of your next project. You take a theme like that and just start building until you arrive at the final layout. More or less […]

WordPress Theme: Virus

Second of the three Dark Side Series themes, “Virus” means getting back to theme creation. It’s been some time, so I have some catching up to do. The idea for the theme came from Windows, bugs and viruses. As I am now officially migrated to Linux it is sort of an in memoriam theme. This […]

WordPress Theme: Black Belt

Black Belt is the first of three themes in the “Dark Side” series which is also the reason for the different naming. It’s a 960px fixed width WordPress theme, which is prepared to work either as 2 or 3 column layout. It’s got plenty of whitespace to help your reader find what they are looking […]

WordPress Theme series: Dark Side

“Dark Side” is my first WordPress Theme series inspired by, well, click the DARK SIDE Tak Wiele Milosci link to see the source of the inspiration. The theme series will consist of 3 themes.  A quick preview of the first theme in the series is already online – just look at the current theme of […]

WordPress Theme: ClockWorkAir

ClockWorkAir is a 900px fixed width WordPress theme and like ClockWorkMint and ClockWorkSimple prepared to work either as 2 or 3 column layout. If I had not already named one theme “Simple” ClockWorkAir would have been named that way. ClockWorkAir features the following: